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Mar 20, 2008

Here's my next big project: I'm going to be setting up the flowers and candles for a friend's wedding in June. I was honored when my friend Sarah asked me to do the flowers for her wedding. How fun! She has a simple vision that will be a true reflection of her ever-sunny, fun, wild spirit: wildflowers in mason jars. I'm going to set up 3 mason jars (different sizes and some blue jars mixed with clear) as one centerpiece on each table with wildflowers spraying out from each jar. Then I'll be adding a row of mason jars (the wide-mouthed kind) with votive candles—and a little water to keep the candles from sticking—as luminaries along the mantel on the stage. I'm also going to set up some luminaries along the balcony outside (where many guests are sure to congregate since it will be hot -- the wedding's in late June.) As a grand entrance to the Picnic House hall in Brooklyn where the reception will be held, I'll also set up a line of jar luminaries on both sides of the walking path. Then a couple of mason jars of wildflowers for the bathrooms (which need some spiffing up since they look like school bathrooms), and a couple jars of flowers on the bar area, and we'll be set! I'll post photos after the wedding so you can see how it turned out. Right now I'm on the hunt for many, many mason jars. I have bought 20 , but I now I need to find a cheap source for the bulk of the jars. Let me know if you have a great source!

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Here's a shot of the Picnic House hall where the reception will be held (traditional round catering tables will be set up on one side.)


Here's the mantel behind where the band will play. I'll set up 5 luminary jars along the mantel.


A (barred) view of the balcony where I'll add some mood lighting with luminary jars -- in the summer this will be such an amazing view of the park!


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