How to Organize a Laundry Room

Three Methods:

A laundry room can quickly get out of hand. Spending some time organizing the space can help you wrangle an unruly laundry room. First, come up with an organizational scheme for the laundry. Next, organize laundry supplies in cabinets, on shelves, or in baskets. Finally, create a workspace for folding a sorting laundry.


Organizing Laundry

  1. Use baskets to sort dirty laundry.Dirty clothing can quickly overtake a laundry room, making it seem drab and unorganized. Try positioning several laundry baskets in the room, with each one dedicated to a particular type of laundry. For example, you could sort laundry into a basket for white clothing, one for colored clothing, and one for household laundry like sheets and towels.
  2. Use a bin on the floor to collect grimy laundry.Keep your sweaty running shorts and muddy gardening socks separate from the rest of your clothes. Try placing a canvas bin on the floor and tossing grimy items directly in the bin.
  3. Hang a rod to dry wet clothes.Try hanging a shower curtain rod in the laundry room. A rod will provide a space for hanging wet or damp clothing. Try positioning a shower curtain rod above the washing machine, and use it for hanging up clothes that need to air dry.
  4. Assign each family member a personal laundry basket.Make sure each member of your family has their own laundry basket. Place clean laundry in personal baskets, and ask each family member to retrieve the basket and put away the laundry. Store empty baskets on a shelf. Try baskets with fun, attractive designs to prevent folded or dirty laundry from becoming an eyesore.

Organizing Laundry Supplies

  1. Make the most of cabinet space.If you have cabinets in your laundry room, utilize them to keep laundry supplies out of sight. Try organizing different types of supplies in separate cabinets. For example, place laundry detergent and fabric softener in one cabinet and use a different cabinet for clothespins and delicates bags.
  2. Create more vertical storage space.If you don’t have enough cabinet space to house all your laundry supplies, create more vertical space with a shelf or basket. Try hanging a shelf above the washing machine to store laundry detergent and stain remover. You could also hang small baskets inside a laundry closet to store supplies like dryer sheets and clothes pins.
  3. Use a shower caddy to organize small supplies.Organize items like stain removers, scrub brushes, and laundry pens in a shower caddy. Corralling the items in the caddy will help you stay organized, and make it easier to respond to a fabric first aid incident like wine on a white couch.

Creating Workspace

  1. Set up a large table.If you have a spacious laundry room, consider placing a table large enough for sorting and folding clothes in the room. The table can also double as a workspace for wrapping gifts, completing school projects, or making art.
  2. Try a foldout shelf.If you are crunched for space, consider installing a foldout shelf on the wall or door. You can use the shelf to sort and fold laundry. When you finish sorting and folding the clothes, you can fold the shelf back up against the wall.
  3. Place a butcher-block slab on top of your machines.You can transform the tops of your washing machine and dryer into a usable workspace with a butcher block. Put the butcher block directly on the machines and use it to sort and fold laundry.
  4. Hang an ironing board.If you do a lot of ironing, you can create a collapsible workspace by hanging an ironing board. Try hanging the board on a wall or on the back of a door. When you are done ironing, fold the board back up against the door or wall.
  5. Set up a trash can in your workspace.Having a trash can set up in your workspace will help you handle lint, used dryer sheets, and other garbage efficiently. Try setting up a trash can near the laundry machines. For example, you can slide the trash can between the wall and the washing machine or dryer.

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How to Organize a Laundry Room
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