How to Form a Roda


  1. Form a circle lined with guests and players alike.Have them sit in a circle or roda using the length of the berimbau to create the radius. You may also use your standing torso as the point of absolute center and your extended arm in addition to the berimbau as part of the radius.
  2. Set a place for the bacteria to sit.Where the musicians can see everyone who approaches the roda to play of watch. Leave just enough room for relief musicians who are done play in the roda to walk behind the bacteria and release a person on an instrument without causing a train wreck in the flow of the music and gradual build up of the roda.
    • The first chair is for bass baring berimbau called the barraboi. The barraboi is the most masculine bau (sometimes called a gunga (gunga is also a term some use for all berimbaus- our lineage does not however interchange the terms) The berraboi will always play the feminine designate the beat or toque (touch) of Angola. Or If the next designated berimbau is calling for Santa Maria. then and only then will the berraboi play Benguela. The old man designate. For all other games the berraboi will always play toque de Angola.
    • The second chair is the viola, the word, neuter. the is the berimbau that will run the game. People will enter circle and exit into the roda/world from the foot of this berimbau. And they will end their bout here and back away from each other safely before the next match meets together to be signaled into being able to exit the rim of the circle and into the dance of the game off the ebbing skirtings of a fight. This berimbau will play what ever toque is deemed appropriate for the mood of the roda and the desired question of the two players or gamers (jogodors jogadores). This berimbau will also host the person who is expected to sing the most amount of songs that talk about the game in progress and to lead the cascade of syncopation the weaves in and out of the beat for all the musicians to ebb and play off of. If players don't comply with the game that is being asked for. Then it is the viola that will call them back acting like a railroad crossing arm in the roda to signal that a reset is necessary. This is done without causing a train wreck with the whole of the rest of the music.
    • The third chair is the violinha (alto/ nearly soprano berimbau). This berimbau is the feminine designate. But unlike the berraboi, she is out getting things done in the music. She imitates which ever beat or toque the viola is calling for. Or in game terms creating a chamada for. She will do the most variation, and hint at other games and toques that call those games but always revert to focus on what ever toque (beat) the viola is asking for.
    • The two pandeiros are the fourth and fifth chairs.
    • The Agogo is the sixth chair.
    • The Reco Reco is the seventh chair. It has the least syncopatable ability for all the Bacteria.
    • The Atabaque is the eighth chair. It has the greatest chance of getting out of hand. So it is the one removed first if people start showing off to much or if the start using force over guile, or gymnastics over cunning and safeguarded bravery.
  3. Have the berraboi start the roda with seven strokes and the call of the Mestre's voice.Three rounds in on the second note- the viola will strike seven times and join the berraboi on the second note of the four note beat. Three round of the beat after that the violin will start on the second note and strike seven times and join the at the second note on the eighth touch. The the Mestre or someone designated by the Mestra will call out and start to sing the litany Ladainha- the will choose one that fits the mood or politic of the roda.
  4. The Lovasao will start the call and response of the roda.
  5. Three beats into the Lovasao is generally when the pandeiros will start seven strikes on the second note of a four note beat.The viola will either give praise to God. and the crowd will respectfully acknowledge the choice of the viola designate on the existence of such a being and agree to raise a viva to god and agree with their comrades. "Ë ai viva Meu Dues!!!" Everyone else present responds. "E ai viva meu Dues, camara!" The cantor may opt not to mention god and start with a via to their Mestre. For brevity, one may skip down the mention of galactic funnel from the Universal through byzantine to the natural world to the particulars players starting this event who need to be given permission to agree to disagree, in the circle, at this event. Once that particular is reached in song. then the two player are directed by call and response to exit the circle and enter the world as made metaphor by this game space area. As the players use guile to take out the other players thought life pieces to checkmate, not destroy, the opponents thought king ability to be a king in the ring. The Viola goes down between the two players like a railway arm... and when it comes up. One player will leave a target exposed for bait and the other will take the bait to begin the ritual and simultaneously leave out new bait of their own design. The one with the best bait leading to the best trap that leads to the least violent checkmate is the one the crowd and the viola sings for.
  6. Sing the corridos -- these running songs are packed with energy.The polite and publicly well behaved participant claps and sings at every roda if possible. Some rodas don't have clapping which is an element left over from sexism.


How to Form a Roda
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