How to Clean a Garage Floor

How to Clean an Epoxy Garage Floor

Three Methods:

Epoxy garage floor are easy to maintain with routine cleaning. For a routine cleaning, you do not need to use more than a dust mop and some warm water. If there are saw grooves in your floor, a vacuum is necessary. Spots, spills, and stains should be treated with light cleaners. Make sure to address spills promptly before they become set in to keep your floors clean.


Doing a Routine Cleaning

  1. Use a dust mop once a week.You can purchase a dust mop at most department stores or hardware stores. Once a week, run a dust mop over the full surface of your epoxy garage floor. This should only take a few minutes and should remove most dust and dirt from an epoxy garage floor.
    • Aim for a dust mop that is 24 to 36 inches wide.
  2. Wipe the floor down with a damp rag or towel.Most dirt and grime should come off with a dust mop. However, if anything does not come off during your weekly mopping, use a damp rag or towel to gently rub down any set in dirt. As epoxy floors do not easily build up dirt, most grime can be wiped off with water alone. Detergent, cleaners, and soap are rarely necessary unless you're deep cleaning spills or stains.
  3. Vacuum saw cuts.If there are any exposed saw cuts in your floor, such as around the walls of the garage, vacuum any loose dirt or debris out of the grooves. Once a month, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum dust out of these grooves and cracks to keep them clean.
    • While it's easiest to use a vacuum cleaner, you can sweep dust out of saw cuts using a broom if you don't have one.
  4. Spot clean any lingering stains.If you notice any spills, such as grease from cars, after cleaning, you can spot clean these. Usually, they can be quickly wiped up with a soft cloth. If there is a film leftover, spritz some windex on the spill and then wipe it up with a paper towel.

Dealing With Spills and Stains

  1. Sweep the floor first.Before addressing any major spills and stains, sweep your floor first using a regular broom or dust mop. It's important to remove any loose dust or debris before getting your floor wet. Wetting a dirty floor can result in dirt and debris simply getting pushed around in the cleaner.
  2. Give your floor a deep mopping regularly.Give your epoxy garage floor a deep cleaning every three to four months. Use a foam mop over a string mop and a commercial cleaner made for epoxy floors. Most cleaners should be diluted in water first. Check your cleaner's instructions for the precise ratios to use. Place your cleaner in spray bottles and spray in on the floor. Rub it in using your foam mop, specially targeting any areas with stuck on dirt and debris. When you're done, dip your mop in a bucket of warm water and use this to rinse cleaner residue off the floor.
    • When done, it's safe to let your floor air dry. However, you can also wipe it dry with paper towels if you need it dry right away.
    • If you do not want to use a commercial cleaner, you can mix half a cup of ammonia with a gallon of hot water.
  3. Soak and scrub off tire marks.Use a commercial cleaner or a concrete degreaser on tire marks. Soak the marks with the cleaner or degreaser and let it sit on for a few minutes. Then, scrub the marks off using a stiff bristled nylon brush.
    • For stubborn marks, you may need to add a second layer of cleaner or degreaser and then scrub again. If you find you're scrubbing very hard without any progress, stop and add another layer of your degreaser or cleaner. Scrubbing too hard can hurt your floor's finish.
  4. Remove rust with kitchen scrubbing pads.Take a scrubbing pad meant to be used in a kitchen. Use this to lightly scrub away at rust stains until you remove them. Do not use detergent, especially kitchen cleaners, on garage epoxy floors. The scrubbing pad alone is all you need to remove rust.

Maintaining Your Epoxy Garage Floor

  1. Wipe up spills promptly.Epoxy garage floors are resistant to spills. If spills are treated as they occur, they should not set in and require special cleaning. If you see anything spilled on the garage floor, like motor oil, promptly wipe it up with a rag or paper towel. This will allow you to use commercial cleaners on your floor less often.
  2. Avoid acidic or soap-based cleaners.Cleaners with acidic ingredients, like citrus cleaners, and soaps can leave an epoxy floor slippery. They also tend to be more abrasive, causing your floor to wear down faster over time. It's best to stick to cleaners specifically made for epoxy floors when choosing cleaners.
  3. Use mats near doors.Keep mats near doors going in and out of your garage. This way, people can wipe off snow, dirt, and household debris before entering the garage. This will prevent dirt, grime, and dust from building up on your floor.

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To clean an epoxy garage floor, start by dust mopping the floor weekly. While the dust mop should clean the majority of the floor, you should also wipe down the floor with a damp rag every few weeks. Then, run a vacuum over any exposed saw cuts to clean dirt and debris that have accumulated in the grooves. If there are any leftover lingering stains, like car grease, spot clean them by wiping them down with some Windex and a paper towel.

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