7 Forgotten Female Erogenous Zones

You already know about the usual suspects, but if you're looking to amp things up in the bedroom tonight, ask your husband to focus on some parts of your body that you both may have forgotten about.


1. The Mons

Thewhat?You may be unfamiliar with this word, but it's time to get acquainted, says Michael Krychman, MD, CM, medical director of Sexual Medicine and the executive director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine in Newport Beach, California. "The mons, or area above the genitals where the pubic hair grows, can also be interesting when incorporated into the sexual repertoire," he explains. "Caressing the hair area or gentle touch to this area can also be exciting and pleasurable." To make it even more enjoyable, try Zestra, a botanical oil designed to increase arousal and sensitivity. Feeling shy or uncomfortable about the most private places of your body, the mons or otherwise? Learning to embrace, and even love, your body for what it is can go a long way in the pleasure department, say experts. In fact, an Indiana University study published in a recent issue of theInternational Journal of Sexual Healthfound that women who feel more positively about their genitals have better and more frequent orgasms. (Photo by Shutterstock)

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2. Behind the Knees

One of the most-ignored sexual hot spots in the female body? Hint: It's also a place you might feel really ticklish. According to Dr. Krychman, the skin behind the knees is an area you might ask your husband to focus on, either by kissing or gently massaging with an oil or lotion. "Some women find this area especially exciting and pleasurable when showered with gentle touch or caresses," he says. And don't forget the tops of the knees, too, adds Ava Cadell, a sex educator and founder of Loveology University in Los Angeles. "The knees are a major erogenous zone—all around the kneecap. This is one place where a little nibbling is often welcome too." (Photo by Shutterstock)


3. The Abs

While it might sound like a ticklish scenario, letting your partner stroke or even massage your belly can be an erotic experience for some women, says Amy Levine, a New York City–based sex coach, certified sexuality educator and founder of In fact, she adds, in some rare cases, women have been able to reach orgasm simply by doing certain abdominal exercises. "It's unlikely that the majority of us will be able to experience the same effect," she says, "but incorporating some ab work in the bedroom could help get you in the mood. Not to mention, the thought of his moving farther south can be downright exciting, likely causing your vaginal muscles to contract from the anticipation, boosting your arousal and possibly leading to climax without direct genital contact." (Photo by Shutterstock)


4. The Lips

Want to have better sex tonight? Try this exercise: Spend at least five minutes kissing before intercourse. "Lips remain one of the most erotic areas of a woman's body," Dr. Krychman says. Here's how to rev things up: "Vary the strength and intensity of kisses," he suggests. "Even if you gently caress the lips with a finger—you may find this exhilarating." (Photo by Shutterstock)


5. The Scalp

You love it when your hair stylist gives your head a massage while she's shampooing, right? Well, get your husband in on the action, too. Here's why: Your scalp is covered with nerve endings that make it super-sensitive to the touch, explains Cadell. She, and other experts, say that a good scalp rub may not only release tension but also may increase blood flow—flooding your body with the feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin. (Photo by Shutterstock)


6. The Feet

"What can be a relaxing and soothing ritual after a long day can also be a turn-on for you both," says Levine. "Some men find women's feet to be exciting (think: foot fetish) and with the right mindset, you can too." In fact, the ancient practice of reflexology indicates that certain pressure points in your feet can trigger sexual arousal. Whether it works or not is yet to be determined, but many women do find that a foot massage given by the man they love can spark arousal. Why not see for yourself? If your hubby isn't sure about where to rub, help him out by getting a pair of Sexy Love Sox, which designate which areas on the foot represent "the body's erogenous zones." (.95; (Photo by Shutterstock)


7. The Neck

"The neck is a very sensual part of our bodies," says Levine. "There is nothing like a man you're attracted to standing behind you, massaging your shoulders and seductively making a trail of soft kisses from the hairline to the base of the neck." So, here's your homework assignment, ladies: Ask your husband to show you a little neck love! "Feeling the sensations of his soft lips and imagining where those lips are traveling can really get our juices flowing," she adds. (Photo by Shutterstock)

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7 Forgotten Female Erogenous Zones
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